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I received my PhD in sociology from Duke University and am currently an assistant professor of sociology at UT-Austin. My research explores the question "what is race," particularly through exploration of themes related to the origins of racialization and racialized social outcomes, the slipperiness of racial categories, and how physical appearance maps on to and intersects with race. My work has been published in various peer reviewed journals and in public outlets such as the Southern Poverty Law Center's magazine Teaching Tolerance and the National Housing Institute's blog Shelterforce.

I'm also an artist who enjoys creating pop culture mashups. I sell prints and accept inquires and commissions.


I’m from Leland, MS, a small town in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, and obtained BA and MA degrees in sociology from The University of Mississippi. II collect black art, Black Panther Party memorabilia, black superhero comics Legos, and consider myself a connoisseur of southern rap

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